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About FSI

Financial Services Ireland (FSI) is the Ibec sector representing the full suite of financial services companies in Ireland. Our 140 members are involved in banking, insurance, fund administration, investmetn management, corporate treasury, international financial services, aircraft leasing, securitisation and fintech.

Established in 1984, FSI supports the development of the financial services industry both at domestic and international levels. We bring together multiple financial services sectors and channel industry issues through FSI's and Ibec's powerful advocacy voice. Our network is structured around core working groups, member forums, networking events and initiatives, which are the primary enablers of our strategy.

FSI's policy and activities are driven by the FSI Executive Board. Close ties are maintained with member firms through our working groups, online presence and ad hoc engagement. FSI working groups include;
At Financial Services Ireland, everything we do is designed to protect, promote and generate acknowledgement of the social and economic importance of the Irish financial services industry. We have a membership base of 130 companies across;
  • banking
  • insurance
  • fund administration and investment management
  • corporate treasury
  • aircraft leasing
  • securitisation
  • Fintech

FSI also operates a variety of training and education initiatives on behalf of industry;
FSI’s two flagship events each year are the Annual Lunch (summer) and Annual Dinner (winter). FSI also runs a number of briefings/seminars each year on topics relevant to our members such as AML, Cyber crime and the impact of Brexit etc.

FSI aims to:
  • ensure that the Irish fiscal regime is attractive to enterprise and investment;
  • monitor developments at EU level to ensure that the competitiveness of the financial services sector in Ireland is enhanced;
  • uphold a solid and supportive regulatory environment;
  • lobby for infrastructural and "quality of life" initiatives to ensure that Ireland remains an attractive place to do business and live in;
  • support the international marketing efforts to promote Ireland as a premier location for international financial services;
  • work in collaboration with other companies in the IFSC to market Ireland as a worldwide leader for business and enhance marketing initiatives currently in place;
  • provide leadership in the maintenance of standards in the financial services industry, particularly in relation to corporate governance and human resource development;
  • foster greater public and political awareness of the economic importance of the financial services sector.
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FSI is a part of Ibec clg which is registered in Ireland.
Registration No. 8706.
Registered address: 84/86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Phone +353 (0)1 605 1500; Fax +353 (0)1 638 1500; Email info@ibec.ie
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