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FSI Newsletters

FSI Newsletter - published twice a year (Summer and Winter) reflecting on the previous six months meetings, events and policy activity. For past issues please click on issue listed on left hand navigation toolbar.

Summit Finuas Network Newsletter - Sign up to the Network monthly newsletter to ring out what exciting training programmes and events the network have coming up.

Ibec Agenda - a monthly ezine bringing you insight and information on the most pressing issues affecting business in Ireland. If you are not currently receiving your Ibec Agenda, please subscribe here. It combines content from previous Ibec print publications – Trade Bulletin, Ibec Europe agenda and Economic Outlook. You will find all the usual analysis and commentary now under a new headings including human resources, economic, international and social affairs. Content on transport, energy and environment is available under enterprise and infrastructure. As a member of Ibec, you will be automatically be emailed this insightful member newsletter on a regular basis. You can opt-in or opt-out to receive everything or just the topics of interest to you.

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